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Very few companies in South Africa identify with their customer's need to generate profits and build sustainable business. Coolmac does. Coolmac drives customer profit, cuts wastage and slashes downtime with innovative refrigeration and automation solutions for perishable products. We also maintain existing installations in commercial, industrial and agricultural businesses.

Our purpose is to use our innovative leadership, quality installations and highly-skilled service personnel to provide reliable and efficient refrigeration and automation solutions through a national footprint by 2020.

Our expert service offering includes:

- Pack-house, cooling, refrigeration and automation
  • - Specialised refrigeration: forced-cooling, de-greening, ripening rooms and Steri-Cold
  • - Commercial and industrial refrigeration solutions for retail and wholesale customers
- Coolmac is also the only company that can offer a complete maintenance plan with the peace of mind of reliable and accurate 24-hour monitoring.

Reliable and efficient refrigeration design, installation, monitoring and maintenance...

Coolmac keeps things chilled.

Tel: +27 8611 COOLMAC (266562)
Fax: +2713262 2551
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