Why advertise - the benefits of advertising on the Internet

Remember:  If people can’t find you, they will find your competition.  The Internet provides an economical and effective advertising medium, there is NO reason not to advertise. 

The benefits of advertising online include:

  • Cost effectiveness
    The cost of advertising online is considerably cheaper than traditional media.

  • More advertising space and more flexibility
    You can communicate a larger amount of information to the target audience, in addition, this information can be updated instantly.

  • Speed
    Online marketing is quicker to be published online.

  • Availability
    Advertisements and information is available 24/7.

  • Targeted audience
    Attract an audience who is already receptive to your product or service.

  • Statistics
    Obtain exact statistics on how many views an advert received.

  • Direct and immediate response
    The audience can respond directly and immediately to an advertisement.

  • Rapidly growing audience
    Number of internet users grows rapidly monthly, thus the potential audience is growing.


Why advertise on GoGreenDirectory (GGD)?

In addition to the above we offer you:

  • Benefit from our existing audience.
  • Advertise your products directly with your contact details and a link to your web site.
  • Benefit from our marketing to attract visitors to our web site.
  • Benefit from our search engines ratings.
  • Easy to use and cost effective, simply choose the option suited to your budget.
  • Your advert is visible in our directory 24/7.


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